November 7, 2017

ABA began in 2012 as an informal and independent gathering, but has since become fully supported and organized by members of the Programming Committee of the Delaware Valley Archivists Group. After testing the waters for a couple years and gathering a good deal of feedback from our members, it was agreed that we would no longer distinguish some events as “ABA events” seperately from DVAG programming. If you enjoy ABA style programs and meetups, nothing much has changed, except you should look for these to be announced directly from the DVAG Programming Committee. As such, this wordpress page will no longer be updated and you should instead follow us at https://delawarevalleyarchivists.org/ and @dvarchivists on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your interest in ABA!



Archivists Being Awesome is a series of get-togethers for archivists in the Delaware Valley. One part bragging platform, one part skill share, two parts making new friends and being inspired by the work of others, ABA will give area archivists a chance to briefly describe exciting projects they’re involved in or talk about other relevant topics that touch on our professional lives.

To keep the event moving, the format is as follows:

3 or 4 speakers with 10-15 minutes to talk

To keep the crowd interested, the presentations are about:

Anything library/archives-related that you’re doing, have done,
or that you just really, really want to talk about.

Bottom Line

 A friendly and welcoming space to come together, share, learn, and interact.