The second meeting of ABA was a lot of fun, and for the benefit of those who could not join us (and for those who would like to relive the experience), we are adding summaries to the blog. See the other summaries here.

When facing an archival move, there are many factors to consider.  I’ve provided some questions to help stimulate the planning process, and detailed some of the things that I’ve found helpful in preparing to move five small archival collections to a brand new facility in a sixth location.  Though each archive is unique, the single biggest thing you can do to ensure a smooth move is plan ahead.  There are several library/archives specific movers out there but ultimately it depends on the level of financial support, organizational assistance, and the needs of your individual archival collection.  I’ve found that throughout my moving project it’s been wonderful to reiterate to non-archival professionals what archival records are and how important they are, and to engage a broader audience.  I’ve also learned a lot about the non-archival world myself, like preparing a request for payment, hosting a bidder’s meeting, and dealing with insurance companies.