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Alexis Antracoli, (MSI ’11) is currently the Records Management Archivist at Drexel University.  She leads the Libraries’ records management initiative, acquires University records of enduring value, and creates solutions for acquiring, processing, and preserving electronic records. Much of her work involved collaborating with University records creators to help them design and implement solutions for the day-to-day management of University records that comply with Drexel’s Records Retention Policy.

Before arriving at Drexel, Alexis worked at the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library in both the University Archives and Michigan Historical Collections divisions. Her research and professional interests include records management in higher education settings, practical solutions for electronic records, the arrangement and description of hybrid manuscript collections, and education and outreach for both collections and records management.

ABA: In a few sentences, tell us what you’ll be presenting at ABA.

Alexis Antracoli: I will be presenting our digital accessioning workflow for removable media, including a description of how we record information in Archivist’s Toolkit, what we record, and procedures for transferring materials to our secure server space and creating a back-up copy.

ABA: What do you hope audiences will get from your talk?

AA: They will see a basic electronic records accessioning workflow for a small to mid-sized repository that can be implemented with open-source and low-cost software.  I also hope to get some feedback from the audience as well and start a discussion of electronic records options for smaller repositories.

ABA: Which of the following do you prefer: “an archive” or “an archives”?

AA: “An Archives,” no question.

ABA: On a scale from 1 – 10, (10 being hardest) how easy would it be for other archivists to implement the project you’re presenting here?

AA: 3-5, depending on the amount of IT support you have.  I think that if you have a systems team that can set up server space, access, and back-up options for you then this is a pretty easy process to implement.  If you are smaller and lack much IT support it will probably be more difficult.

ABA: Very special BONUS question: What are your thoughts on the use of “archive” as a verb?

AA: Only this image, can accurately capture my thoughts on this issue.

No CatABA: Thanks for taking to time to answer these questions, Abby. We look forward to hearing your talk on the 28th!