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You’ve been waiting. Now is the time to find out how you did!

Q: We have always been a wondering band of presenters. We’re always eager to find a new venue. Where was our second meeting held?

A: Academy of Natural Science

Q: Only once were mugshots used in a presentation at ABA. Tell us either who did the presentation or where this person worked, and you get a point.

A: Sarah Heim; Historical Society of Pennsylvania (proof)
(only one point awarded)

Q: In our very first meeting Richard Shrake spend a good amount of his allotted 15 minutes bad mouthing a certain widely-used digital asset management system. What DAMS does Rich dislike? 

A: Content DM (kinda proof)

Q: What is the name of the countdown widget on the ABA site?

A: Countdown to Awesome (It only comes out when a meeting is planned, so stay tuned for proof.) Partial credit was generously given for this one.

HI! My name is: Theodore Schellenbox

HI! My name is:
Theodore Schellenbox

Q: What is the better name for our logo?

A: B: Theodore Schellenbox

What’s that? You want to know who won so that you can declare this person the most awesome archivists in a city full of awesome archivists?

Very well, we’ll tell you: Dana Dorman

Congratulations, Dana! We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss what this means (hint: we have no idea).