ABA is an informal association of Archivists in the Delaware Valley area. While we receive support and encouragement from DVAG (The Delaware Valley Archives Group), we are responsible for organizing and running our own gatherings.

ABA was thought-of, named, and organized in 2012 by Laurie Rizzo and Scott Ziegler, two DVAG members who thought there was too much time between DVAG meetings and lots to learn from other members. While founded by Laurie and Scott, ABA has always been a group effort and is indebted to many people for their hard work and enthusiasm for keeping ABA going. Christiana Dobrzynski Grippe, Allison Jai O’Dell, and Ashley Stevens all joined in the organizing fun in 2013. We’ve also gotten invaluable help from the many presenters who have told us about their awesome projects and the many, many folks who have offered their time and talents as needed throughout all the meetings.

As of 2014, the current ABA Coordinator and Archivist Wrangler, is Ken Cleary.

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