What’s all this, then?

Archivists Being Awesome (ABA) provides an informal setting for archivists to talk about projects that they’re involved in, happenings of interest, ideas they’ve had, and/or anything else of interest to the archives community in the Delaware Valley.

How is this different from MARAC?

MARAC is a great resource for those of us in the Mid-Atlantic states, and the meetings are a wonderful way to learn about projects happening at multiple institutions. The ABA is meant to be significantly less formal, with presentations lasting only 10-15 minutes.

The structure of ABA get-togethers is intended to lower barriers for archivists. The informal nature of the ABA creates a great forum to talk about your in-progress projects, your failed attempts, and even your hare-brained schemes.

Why would anyone want to attend yet another archivist event?

Because one of major benefits of being an archivist in the Delaware Valley is the number of archives, libraries and other cultural institutions. One way to take advantage of this benefit is to learn about what our colleagues are doing, how they are doing it, and to become inspired to do new and exciting things ourselves.

Come to learn, come to teach, come to meet new people, come to have fun.

Is ABA part of the Delaware Valley Archivists Group?

Yes. ABA is part of DVAG. It’s sort of like a spin-off/make-your-own-adventure/standing-committee-gone-rogue type of thing. DVAG is a flexible, welcoming and supportive organization that allows all sorts of shenanigans from people with big ideas. Visit the DVAG Website, and become a member if you’re not already. It’s well worth the twelve dollars.

Do you have to be a DVAG member to attend an ABA event?

No! ABA events are open to everyone (though we are not held responsible for non-archivists who become bored or confused).

For that matter, DVAG meetings are open to non-members, as well. We’re really not a demanding bunch.

I’m thinking of attending, but I’m afraid that if it’s a dud I’ll be stuck in a room full of awkward archivists. Is this a legitimate fear?

We hope that every ABA will be a big hit. However, there is no way to guarantee this. If a meeting turns out to be a dud, we’ll probably just laugh it off and go to a local pub. No harm, no worries.